Three kinds of disinfectants that can be used to tackle coronavirus

As the world grapples with COVID-19, experts are now arguing for everyone to learn to live with the deadly virus. While several countries have tried stringent measures of lockdowns in varying limits, the toll of such moves on the economies has been astounding. In this trade off between livelihood and coping with the virus, several policymakers believe that the only way out is to re-open economic activities but with the right protective and preventive measures in place. This means that as the threat of the virus continues to loom large, resuming economic activities does not equal to being lax in maintaining distancing or disinfection protocols.

Experts are not fully sure of the exact duration of the virus’ ability to survive on surfaces but that does not rule out the possibility of transmission from often touched surfaces to skin. Thus, irrespective of location, whether it be work or home, disinfecting surfaces is crucial. A large number of brands and options are available in the market. One can choose from the following three kinds of disinfectants for their homes or offices.

These are ideal for hard surfaces: furniture, table tops and kitchen tops, knobs and doors and heavy plastic items. Usually available at stores in the home cleaner categories, most wipes in the market are generally bleach-free. Their biggest advantages are ease of use and disposal. Experts suggest that wipes need five to ten minutes to disinfect effectively.

Disinfecting sprays:
These are available as aerosols and can be used on both hard and soft surfaces though they are likely to be more effective on hard surfaces. Sprays are easy to store and can be used to target narrow or restricted spaces which are difficult to clean by any other means.

Multi-surface cleaner:
These often contain bleach but can disinfect surfaces in less than five minutes. According to several researchers, the presence of sodium hypochlorite in beach makes it a very strong agent in eliminating the virus from surfaces. However, since these produce harsh fumes, it is advisable to strictly ensure no contact with human skin. For less strong results, these can be used after diluting in a water solution.

What to keep in mind before disinfecting? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises that prior to using any disinfectant, one can use soap and water to clean surfaces. It is also suggested to perform cleaning activities while wearing a mask and gloves. Focus specially on surfaces that are more frequently touched and more exposed to outsiders such as door knobs and handles.

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