About Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C, formarly known as Abdulla Haider General Trading L.L.C.

Having its headquarters in Dubai for more than 37 years, Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C has a dedicated, experienced and professional team of employees serving customers in some of the most dynamic economies in the world, including the UAE, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Europe.

Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C offers customers with efficient and specialized products and services for their industries, individually designed to enhance their businesses, and boasts of a network of products from the best companies in the US, UK , Germany, Switzerland and other parts of Europe. It also provides customers with specialised infrastructural support where instruments may require significant amounts of maintenance, thus, adding significant value for money for customers.

One of the earliest entrants in the field of temperature and mass management systems in the UAE, Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C has more than 10,000 measuring instruments in Metrology hailing from Switzerland, Germany, USA and UK thus becoming a pioneer in the market. The company constantly invests in facilities and people, working closely with customers and business partners to provide quality services.

Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C is The Distributor For The Following Companies:

    • DICKSON (U.S.A.) – Specialising in monitoring critical environments using data loggers and chart recorders for pharmaceutical firms, logistics, food environments etc
    • KERN & SOHN GMBH (GERMANY) – Specialising in weighing scales, balances and calibration weights.
    • TECHNE (Cambridge) Ltd. (U.K.) – Specialising in temperature calibration equipments.


    • ASTELL (U.K.) – Specialising in Autoclaves.
    • TESA (SWITZERLAND) – Specialising in 5000 different measuring instruments and calibration systems.
    • PTS (UK) – Specialising in scientific instruments and solutions for hospitality industry(air freshening units, automatic bins, and other hygiene supplies)
    • Purell (USA)-Market Leader in preventing and protecting against germs for industrial, healthcare providers and hospitality industry.


We are very proud to introduce the PTS Range of products exclusively for our customers which focuses on high quality products at affordable prices. PTS also distributes scientific instruments from other well known companies from across the world.

Manufactured in the UK, PTS products cater to the hospitality industry with products such as air freshening units, automatic bins, and other washroom supplies.

The PTS range of products have been successfully launched in the Middle East.  Customers range from Pharmaceuticals to some of the leading Hotels.

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