Humidity Monitoring

Don’t Sweat it. Set it and Forget it.

Why Choose Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C?

Our Loggers don’t just get the job done. They simplify the job from start to finish, empowering your organization and your employees to focus on tasks beyond humidity.


We'll send alerts directly to your phone via text, email, or a call when temperatures go out of range, so you always know your humidity monitoring systems are running right.



Check your temperatures at anytime, from anywhere. Data can come to you automatically, organized in easy-to-read reports, that you can easily share with your team.



Track the variables in all your locations across the city, state, region, country or world in one platform with a system that scales to your needs. It's monitoring made easy.

Don't Be Hung out to Dry

With Humidity Monitoring from Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C, you can ensure your environments remain appropriately dry or damp.

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Multi-Channel Devices Address Humidity Needs

With a Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C Touchscreen, you’ll be armed with all the data you need right at your fingertips. Whether you’re in need of today’s data, or last week’s data, you can get it in a pinch, with a pinch. And, with a DicksonOne enabled unit, you can access all of your humidity data anywhere, anytime.

Cloud-based Environmental Monitoring System

With DicksonOne, you only need to look as far as your phone to know your cold room is functioning properly. Beyond the app, get wireless data collection, 24/7 alerts, and access to unlimited storage on the cloud for the life of your account. Help Me Access My Data Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud Enabled Data Logger

These devices give you accurate, up to the second readings on whatever they’re monitoring, and, with access to the DicksonOne cloud, you can take full advantage of the features of a cloud based monitoring system.
"Dealing with an experienced team from Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C was a pleasure.Their attention to detail, superior validation, QA and use of technology helped us immensely"
-Testimonial from large confidential MNC customer

Let Our Map Lead the Way

Our services division can help you see damp and dry spots before they can interfere with your products, and our validation package can help you document everything is working as intended. They’ll give you the peace of mind you need heading in to any audit. I’m Interested in Humidity Mapping

Find Your Balance

You could keep manually checking your data, or you could let our humidity monitoring systems do the work for you.
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