Incubator Monitoring

Ensure your lab conditions are properly controlled

Why Choose Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C?

Our loggers don’t just get the job done, they simplify the job from start to finish. It means you can keep your eyes off the thermostat and on more critical tasks.


Mobile notifications let you know when a variable is out of range, so you can be confident your experiment went as planned, regardless of what tasks you have on your to-do list.



Review your data in easy-to-read reports, and add custom notations to your data to verify consistent conditions and for sharing, and proving, your results.



Track the variables in all of your incubators across a single lab or hundreds scattered across the country in a single platform that scales to your needs.

Grow Bacteria, Not Problems

Our loggers give you the comfort of knowing that a variable environment hasn’t impacted your work.

Graphical Data at Your Fingertips

With our Touchscreen data loggers, you can access your data right from your device. With the swipe of a finger you can view historical data, and, with a pinch, narrow in on excursions that occurred. You can even view multiple channels at once.

Cloud-based Environmental Monitoring System

With a DicksonOne enabled system, you only need to look as far as your phone to know your incubators are functioning properly. Beyond the app, get wireless data collection, 24/7 alerts, and access to unlimited storage on the cloud for the life of your account. Help Me Access My Data Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud Enabled Data Logger

These devices give you accurate, up to the second readings on whatever they’re measuring, and, with access to the DicksonOne cloud, you can take full advantage of the features of a cloud based monitoring system.

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You could keep manually checking your data, or you could let our temperature and humidity monitoring system do it for you.
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