Third Party Logistics

Get A+ Monitoring from Point A to Point B

Why Choose Phi Sigma General Trading L.L.C?

Our loggers don’t just get the job done, they simplify the job from dock to dock. It means you can keep your eyes on the destination, confident that your temperature and humidity monitoring needs are met.


By uploading data to the cloud, you and your employees can view data from every logger anywhere, anytime.



Review your data in easy-to-read reports, to have the peace of mind that your cargo arrived safely, every time.



With multiple options to choose from, you can pick the right device that best matches your shipment.

Every Point in the Supply Chain Matters

With on-demand reports and instant backups, you and your customers will have confidence the cargo arrived safely.

Let's Simplify Your Critical Shipments

Our DSB Display Logger is a localized solution with access to DicksonOne so you can download collected data on arrival and view it anywhere and at anytime, ensuring confidence come time for an audit. With up to two years of battery life, replaceable sensors for easy calibration, and access to the cloud, you can show auditors you have QA covered from day one.

Compact Data Logger

With the cost efficiency of our compact loggers, you can have electronic data records with every shipment, big or small. It means you’ll have peace of mind, every time. You can never have enough of that in bulk.

Let's Simplify Monitoring for Logistics

Keep your eyes on the road and we’ll let you know how the trip went once you’ve arrived safely.
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