Single use Temperature data logger Vac-TL-01

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Single use Temperature data logger – User programmable

Vac-TL-01 single use PDF temperature data logger is low power LCD data logger with a USB connector that allows quick access to pdf data report without use of any software or cable. It is ideal to monitor temperature sensitive products through all stages of storage and transport in cold chain, pharmaceuticals, and food industries.

Vac-TL-01 model provides more flexible options for various applications as it records temperature before use. Users can configure the logger via InspiredOne Software and configure password protection parameters to maintain the data safety.

Vac-TL-01 Loggers are designed to fully comply WHO PQS Performance specification E006/TR05.1 –User programmable temperature data loggers and WHO guidelines on the international packaging and shipping of vaccines sixth edition 2020



  • Auto generated secure PDF report
  • Integrated USB Port
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Slim and compact design
  • EN12830 Compliant
  • IP 65 Protection rating
  • Intuitive LCD Indication
  • One Year Warranty

Downaload: Vac TL 01 DataSheet: WHO