LogEt6 Single-Use PDF Temperature Data Logger

The data logger is mainly used to record the temperature of food in storage and transportation.
helps accurately monitor the whole process to indicate whether food is safe and fresh.

Single Use Data Logger

Users can reconfigure parameters via the data management software. The reconfiguration will clear the original parameters
and data (Only for LogEt 8)
The logger supports three upper limits and two lower limits
The range that is out of alarm thresholds
The logger records the single time for continuous out-of-limit events
The data logger records the cumulative time of all the out-of-limit events.
The logger does not alarm immediately when the temperature is within the alarm zone. It begins to alarm
only when the alarm delay time elapses
Mean kinetic temperature is an evaluation method that indicates the effect of temperature fluctuation on
stored articles

Single Use Data Logger

Operating Instructions
Action Operation
Start the data logger Press and hold the start button for about 5 seconds
Stop the data logger Press and hold the stop button for about 5 seconds
Show status Press and release the start button
Set Mark Press and hold the start button for about 5 seconds



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